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My Cosy Little Home

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Enjoy this natural environment. It gives a refreshing mood rather than a polluted one. It has a waterfall, flowing down and making a great spot to see. There is a big tree house and vegetation. By seeing this home, you may like to rest here for some time and also eat those delicious foods!.
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14 Comments (so far)

hm, interesting!

Thanks for your compliment!

sorry bro typing mistake it will be thnx

It's ok 😉

i tried it and it is cool
i was unable to find all the keys
just found 7 keys in that tree house...

It's insane as this game focuses on detective skills. Hehehehe! Find everywhere you can. Any place you can reach. It's only your detective skills who will he...

Where it's likely to be a rainbow.

Sorry i can't this new hiberworld it doesn't come to me btw thnx for shutout and it's looking nice

Your welcome.

thnx for shoutout
i haven't tried yet but will do it soon


the for shoutout bro

Your welcome!