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10 Levels! Target Practice - Read Description - HDK

10 Levels! Target Practice - Read Description - HDK


Welcome to Target Practice! There are 10 levels. Shoot yourself towards the target and collect the key at the bull's eye.

This is how you do it:
1. Walk into the cannon
2. Stand near the red circle
3. When you fly, use movement keys and mouse to control your flight
4. If you have a bad shot, press r, or the restart button to go back to the checkpoint.
5. IMPORTANT: if you get the key, take the green road back to the cannons, don't press restart!
6. Take a checkpoint and start the next level.

Good luck!

Published: 20-08-2023Updated: 21-08-2023
🚀   This world has been built with the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK)   🚀


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