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Quickly and easily build interactive 3D worlds using the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK) and publish them directly to the web for seamless performance across mobile, tablet and desktop.

Why Hiber3D?

Powered by our lightweight engine, the Hiber3D platform is compatible across all major mobile, tablet, and desktop browsers. It features built-in multiplayer, character controls, gameplay mechanics, customizable avatars and more, allowing you to create interactive 3D worlds rapidly.

To date Hiber3D has enabled the creation of almost 5 million 3D experiences.


Framework built on React

Create with technologies trusted and widely chosen by web developers.


Leverage an existing platform

Connect to almost 5 million user created worlds on the HiberWorld platform.


Customizable avatars

Integrated with Ready Player Me’s avatar solution which supports interoperability across 6000+ apps and games and features 100’s of customization options.



Features network synced events and gamification systems.


Upload and embed

Upload your creation with one command. Hiber3D hosts it for you so you can embed it in an iframe on your own site.


Asset library

Pick from our growing library of 500+ available prefabs, create your own by composing them together or import your own external 3d assets in GLB format. Use our library of materials or use your own.

Create A World in Minutes

const World = () => (
    <Ground />
    <Grid renderItem={<SkyScraper />} />

render(<World />, { environment: 'sunrise_01' });
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Explore the possibilities in a selection of unique worlds built with Hiber3D featuring animations, signals and portal systems, interactive media assets, customizable avatars and more.

Obby Islands
DIA House


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HDK Tutorials

Onboard as a HDK developer easily with these tutorials created by the Hiber3D team.

Start Publishing Your Worlds

Once you have registered as a Hiber3D developer you can then choose whether you would like to

  • Publish to the HiberWorld platform

  • Embed directly onto a website

  • Do both!

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