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60 Seconds to Survive: Neon Uprising - HDK

60 Seconds to Survive: Neon Uprising - HDK


As the last surviving human in a city run by relentless AI and robotic overlords, your sole aim is to survive for 60 critical seconds.

The once thriving city now rains debris from the skyscrapers above, fallen remnants of the human civilization, in a cacophony of destruction. Metallic shards, neon billboards, and explosive drones: all are lethal, all demand your attention. Your only lifeline is your advanced CryoSuit, equipped with ultra-responsive reflex boosters. Harness its abilities to dodge, slide, and leap through the continuous hail of wreckage in a heart-pounding ballet of survival.

Published: 01-06-2023Updated: 26-06-2023
πŸš€Β Β  This world has been built with the Hiber3D Development Kit (HDK)Β Β  πŸš€


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