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Garden Of Puzzles 2 part 1

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finally finished the first part, took like 3 days to make. pls, play and comment on how it is.
I made the 1st part of the 2nd part tho lol

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dsk Creator

so, i even made a video on this game too, check it out!


I love jumble Josh he's a gigantic boy

nice game!!

i like this game

Dsk good morning

I imagine that you would be able to go there

It cool but I don’t know how to pass NabNab(The lonely one)

It was horrible. I didn’t like how it made me restart over and over again


It’s a good game!

This game sucks

just like ur games lol ur games sucka as welll thats why no one plays it l m f a o no likes no comments lol

your mean. this is the best game in hiber world

Soooo p00p

U p0000p!