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Pirate's Hallow

Pirate's Hallow


The winds howl as they push forth your galleon. Meanwhile, a spooky sight looms over the horizon.

You are a Pirate of the Orient, and you are on a mission to find treasure. But this is no ordinary voyage; it's very treacherous. The treasure lies on top of a mountain on Hallow Isle - the most haunted place on the planet - which is why no other pirate has acquired it.

Fame, glory, riches! Your legacy will live on.

The first key is in your ship's cabin. Navigate your way through the islets to reach the main island. Then, pass through the haunted mountain chambers (4 keys) to reach the summit, where the treasure is.

Dare take on this quest?

Lil secrety secret: Portal - not TARDIS. Where tho?

Published: 13-10-2023Updated: 29-11-2023


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