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The Speedrunning Championship

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So lets see who is the best speedrunner in the new hiberworld.... xD
All The Best
Shoutouts to some old speedrunners :-
@SuccessfulWinner3(me.... xD)

Since I don't know much of the speedrunners in new hiber that's all for today @Satchmosaxif u like it please feature this! If u like the game click the like button and share it thank you!! ... xD

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34 Comments (so far)

It was ez at first but where u have to slide and jump that one was hard for me and three others that I saw while doing ur game but nice game,it was good.Also...

Ohh.. no offense but it's a speed running game and speed running games are little but hard
thanks for the suggestion i will try to change it


Boring game

hello!!! Its been so long since i came on hiber brooooo

Hey! I am glad u are back but sadly its my new year resolution that i am leaving hiber on 1st jan

Amazing game

For 1 month

I sick and l at home

Hey cool game that going lie but it hard for me in the 2 part

pls play my game "Two Hearts"

@Designerr sir just why

heh so ez