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2 flats

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The first house I have made, actually 2 flats with a shared garden. Lots of rooms to explore. Hope you like it.

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This is the best house I have ever seen omg

Ugh ugh ughughughughughugh

Hey, I love your Houses made by you. if you want to, can you make a replica version of my homeworld? thanks. I love your games BTW xd

OMG I love ur house so much 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

This house is the best thing ever good job

NICE! Keep up the good work!

weemac75 Creator


Hey! your first house was awesome then ever made! Stay creative kind pf blessing from me.. This was the first game in which me and my bestie met.! congats fo...

weemac75 Creator


may i use this for a rp?

I love it

weemac75 Creator

Thanks, glad you liked it.

Can you play my games

where do you get the cool ideas from D:????

weemac75 Creator

Thanks, I don't know I just start building and if it seems like it is working I keep going. I have many unfinished games.

ohh makes sense, No wonder they look so cool!

Best game ever !!!
@Nols ...

weemac75 Creator

Thanks, really pleased you liked it. Really like your games too. Would love if this was re-featured.