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SC Victoriam

SC Victoriam


Ready for an adventure through the cosmos?

-Discord Challenge-

All aboard Space Cruiser Victoriam! A grand travel shuttle, where the safety and comfort of the passengers are priority!

You have been chosen to go on it, all free of charge. Lucky!

First stop's at the Cloud-9 Observatory on Venus, the best place to watch the Mercury transit.

We haven't got time to waste. It's launching in 1 minute. What are you waiting for? Hop aboard already!

A glowing path leads to the launch tower. The way to the shuttle is on the 4th floor. A further blue path leads behind the ship, where you can climb up some stairs to remove the restraint system.

By the way, there's a lil secret. It's seen in the thumbnail. Could you reach it? ((:

Published: 01-07-2023Updated: 01-07-2023


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