King's Safe House - HiberWorld

King's Safe House
playground 4878 plays • 2021-06-17


Oh no! The bad gang is on rage to execute people and rule the city. King_XD a great scientist teams up with Hiber and plans to destroy the evil gang They create a safe house and creates drones to attack with the help of Hiber Let's together destroy them! Hi Guys! King is back with an another amazing game. Sorry I have not published any game from 2 weeks. Game created by - @Entertainer and @King_XD Shoutout- @Reha_XD @Panda_XD @thenukisback @Mythical_beast @ShatteredKnight @Licator @Lumb @gydgKA @Shadow_winner @Dabmaster574 @Nonvejking @Riderbhadhar @Valeriana @Xendagamerz @Zexdex_gamer @LynnSisters @Loonstar541 @Phantom1800 @Cyber8man @Satchmosax sir checkout this game. Follow me for more games. BYE!

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