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The day my brother dog died

The day my brother dog died


I was crying so much I will tell you the story one day I was camping with my friends family he brought his dog I was making a fire pit for there family but the second day of camping was a nightmare out of nowhere my friend sister was playing catch with the dog a the went into the flames πŸ”₯ all of us were crying but then dog was running in flames started screaming 😱 and started a wild fire πŸ”₯ the whole family was running my friend was crying because. The dog dead πŸ’€ he fell the fire on I said RUN FASTER BECAUSE IT COMING You want to be in flames like you dog he replied YES I WANT TO GO SEE MY DOG IN HEAVEN 😭 he cried I said then do what you wanna do he’s dead ☠️ as I cried. I won’t let THIS HAPPEN I se a river but I see he dead bye bye

Published: 17-06-2024Updated: 17-06-2024

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