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The Adventures of a Plumber (Pt. 8) -- Castle Infiltration

The Adventures of a Plumber (Pt. 8) -- Castle Infiltration


Mario and Co. have been walking for hours (with Bowser grumbling).
"Look," Peach cried, "A portal!"
Sure enough, the blue glow of a portal was seen before the company.
"This must lead to the castle," Captain Toad said.
One by one, Mario and friends jumped into the portal. But it took them...into the vents?!
Mario realized that too and told the same to his friends.
There were other passageways leading to other rooms.
"Bro, I think we gotta visit all rooms," Luigi said.
Everyone nodded.
As they began exploring, one of the vents snapped under Bowser's weight and he fell down. Mario cannot afford to take chances -- he was near his enemy's den.
As Mario jumped down, he was greeted with cyberpunk themed scenery.
Was this the Time Lord's fortress?

Published: 29-05-2024Updated: 30-05-2024


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