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The Lost Planet Part 1

The Lost Planet Part 1


You are the commander of the spaceship, the starlight and as you make your way through the Faded Galaxy you stumble across 1 of the 5 lost planets. And I will add lore later but rn I’m tired 🥱. There is 7 keys in the spaceship so make sure you get those before going to the Lost Planet.
And I will add more lore later but I’m tired rn.
It’s also a teamwork obby so you will need at least 2 people to complete.
Enjoy! And shoutout to all my friends!
Lemme know if you find any bugs or problems with this world! Also lemme know what the second lost planet should look like! I would love to hear your ideas and opinions!!
Also if you have read PJO pls lemme know! And who is your fav character!?

Published: 25-04-2024Updated: 01-05-2024


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