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Bon Bon Land

Bon Bon Land


In the heart 💖 of Hiber 🍬 Bon Bon Land 🍬 awaits, a sugar-spun delight, where cravings turn to magic, day and night!

Video - https://youtu.be/EvhCDF5ihik?si=Lz4W_BO6OtWrz3Z9

Welcome all! This is my first HiberWorld, I hope you like it ! Start in the park. Climb the ice cream mountain 🍦!

Then, travel from the Bon Bon tray to the big Cookie🍪. Follow the Heart Chocolates. Find the big Cookie portal. Follow the gems to fly!

Next, follow the Waffles 🧇 to get to pick up a sweet ride for the Golden Raceway. Look inside the buildings and hot air balloon! 😉

Ready for the icing on the cake? 🎁 Dive through the center of the donut 🍩 - no fear! You can do it!😄

Thank you for playing! Comments and likes give me life 💗

Published: 15-04-2024Updated: 23-04-2024


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