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The Adventures of a Plumber (Pt. 5) -- The Thwomp Temple

The Adventures of a Plumber (Pt. 5) -- The Thwomp Temple


"Thanks for saving me," Yoshi said in his dialect which Mario Bros and Peach understood, "Giga Lakitu was quite boring!"
He offered them a ride on his back to any place the trio wanted.
However Dr. Gadd's hologram popped up, scaring Yoshi.
"Mario!" Dr. Gadd smiled, "Good to see you all again! I have researched on the Time Fault. Listen carefully: the Time Fault has magical properties which could send people hurtling into the past -- kinda like a black hole. Here, many people of the Mushroom and Koopa Kingdoms are trapped. Your next stop is the Thwomp Temple -- Captain Toad is there. Bye for now."
The hologram faded away.
"Of course," Luigi joked, "Makes sense that Cap'n Toad will be at a temple."
"What awaits us there?" wondered Mario.

Published: 11-04-2024Updated: 11-04-2024


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