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The Castles of Bimdax

The Castles of Bimdax


Bimdax: intellectual of security
This is a world built under Bimdax’s will, and we have accomplished full security. This world will always remain in progress.

1: Seven Deadly Sins: Greed: You have achieved all the wealth of the world, but at what cost
2: Seven Deadly Sins: Wrath: For what has all your anger come up to?
3: Seven Deadly Sins: Pride: You can achieve fame, and everyone could love you, but the second you start boasting, the world is your enemy.
4: Seven Deadly Sins: Lust: You know, I’m not going to explain this one.
5: Seven Deadly Sins: Gluttony: Thou who doesn’t burn calories shall burn in Tartarus.

Published: 10-02-2024Updated: 13-04-2024

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