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Rising Waters -a narrative

Rising Waters -a narrative


It's the early 2000s, you are a person who loves the seas, the water, the waves. You design ships and boats for a living. You have finally completed your dream project, a next gen carrier ship but alas! A tsunami hits the city!
Look out for details in the sound and environment

In-game story:
You complete your dream project and your love for the sea manifests itself in a flower made of water. There's a time-skip to when the tsunami hits the city. Through a portal, you find yourself in a strange, dreamy land. The wonder suddenly transforms into horror as you realize you're in the afterlife along with other victims of the disaster. You try to accept your fate and make peace with it...
Also, look out for a secret easter egg in the world ;)

Published: 15-02-2024Updated: 17-02-2024


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