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Hibux Obby Unlimited 2024 Celebration

Hibux Obby Unlimited 2024 Celebration


This is a obby for the new update of Hibux, I know this is late but it took me a while to make this since I'm lazy, also shout out to @JJTEVES__CRT for helping me on this somewhat, and @Potato_King too

You enter a one of a lifetime opportunity game, called "Dont Fall into the water with a car" game. You Drive to the end only to find the end a big, huge Hibux coin teleporter. You enter it and see around many bean pirates. You get past them and take a boat. You take the boat only to reach an island, where everything else is bigger than you. You see a treasure chest full of hibux surrounded by beans. Take the treasure and leave the island.

I didnt know what to make in this game, so dont question this game

Shout out too @Botychekcrekfreak

Published: 04-02-2024Updated: 05-02-2024


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