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Hiber's Christmas Carol

Hiber's Christmas Carol


Jingletown twinkles merrily as ever. The bright fairy lights and the faint pine scent lingers outside your cold and bleak study.

The bright spirit of Christmas Eve is no match for your misery. The fruitcake you made got burnt! So much for 33$.

But there are three spirits who have come to cheer you up: the Ghost of Hiber Past, the Ghost of Hiber Present, and the Ghost of Hiber Yet to Come. They all take you to your favorite childhood place - the Jinglepark Wonderland - and show you how it's been over the years. Collect memories from your past, unlock some from your future, and see what effect you being sad has on the future (so don't be sad!)

You will find more memories (keys) as you progress. Explore!

Now go on and save YOUR Christmas!

Published: 08-12-2023Updated: 08-12-2023


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