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Burning Rising Knight

Burning Rising Knight


Gotham has been rebuilding after The Dark Knight’s predecessor took down Jack and the villains that were firmly by his side. Things for Gotham finally seem to be going its way after The Dark Knight has cleaned the city of crime along with the rehabilitation of Harvey. This has brought a long dreamed of dream for Gotham to be cleansed of crime and a time of peace and bliss.
Unfortunately, the sudden rise in disappearences, The Dark Knight's mysterious retirement and Harvey's suspicious behaviours are threatening the peace

Will you take up the mantle of The Dark Knight once more to save this city as its only hope?

Map inspired by @NerdyBot @MusicalCat07
Building structures inspired by @Legenb
@Satchmosax @Per @Johan @Designerr @OmgNice

Published: 25-10-2023Updated: 27-10-2023


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