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Ohio be like

Ohio be like


Yo, this is how people sing in Ohio
Check it out
Only in Ohio, oh, oh
Only in Ohio, oh (hee-hee!)
Only in Ohio, oh, oh
Only in Ohio, oh
Hey, I heard you wanna see Ohio (only in Ohio, oh, oh)
If I were you, I would maybe think twice though (only in Ohio, oh)
'Cause I've been livin' out here for a mighty long time (only in Ohio, oh, oh)
And it ain't a great home, here's why bro (only in Ohio, oh)
Yeah, it may be the home of LeBron James (only in Ohio, oh, oh)
But he left before it all went down into flames (only in Ohio, oh)
'Cause sticks and stones break no bones (only in Ohio, oh, oh)
And the rain here melts my clothes (only in Ohio, oh)
You can't even sleep
You can't even go to school

Published: 29-08-2023Updated: 04-09-2023


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