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Re-Pollution - Part 4, The Polluted Lake

Re-Pollution - Part 4, The Polluted Lake


"You've beaten Part 3, and get into the portal for the second time, you again, fall from the ground. You may look at into the view and said "this looks familiar." the structure isn't even a factory anymore it's a Tower or a Business called "Husk". This is where they store packages of power ups, but the whole thing's abandoned for some reason. But hey, at least there are some gems that if collected will have additional points."

Hey there, sorry for being late creating this game, because I may feel like it's gonna be a long creation. Anyways, finally Part 4 has been released into the public Hiberworld. Be sure to note that this game was by @JJTEVES__CRT .

Made by: @JJTEVES__CRT , @Thenewslimshady (Previously DaRealSlimShady)
Credit to: @Per

Published: 15-12-2023Updated: 15-12-2023


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