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Mega Rainbow Obby Fun Run - 500 Followers Special

Mega Rainbow Obby Fun Run - 500 Followers Special


First of all as you load the game, see at your back!

Sorry! This is quite late because I touched 500 followers more than 5 months ago.

It took me 8 days to make! I was working with an average time of 6 hrs per day. My eyes are so hurting till now but for you guys that is just a peice of sugar. THANKS FOR 500 FOLLOWERS!

I have something special for you in 700 followers. So go follow me!

Thanks to @X_RY0_X who helped me to make such a wonderful game!

Special Shoutouts:-
@Satchmosax Check it out πŸ˜„

Published: 27-08-2023Updated: 02-10-2023


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