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Zendex's Castle (50 followers special)

Zendex's Castle (50 followers special)


Story time!!! A long time ago....there was a place named ~Zedol~....it was the time of famine...At that time a boy was born...and prosperity started after his birth...everyone was happy..They named him ~Zendex~
There were some strange rings in his hands..They considered him lucky..Time passed...Zendex grew in 2 a strong warrior.. people decided 2 make him chief..he was very kind and generous..
In a war Zendex was about 2 lose...but suddenly he stood up with an infinite power of burning fire...he killed the enemies badly..everyone was stood with their mouths open..After this no one ever dare 2 attack Zedol..the secret of his powers were that rings in his hands,people started calling him ~The Lord Of The Rings~
Explore his Magical Castle...

Published: 08-12-2023Updated: 23-03-2024


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