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The Sewers, Revisited - Part 5, The Sewage City

The Sewers, Revisited - Part 5, The Sewage City


"You've beat the Snake's Challenge, and all you see right behind a goal is some rare tunnel, you've go there and all you see was that one city named "The Sewage City", this is just like the Secret base that you've already beating it in Part 2, it used to be a Regular city that was from the sewers but it's abandoned because the project was too complicated, after 3 years of abandoning this project, the Snake starts owning the city and created those Hiberheads that can behave like humans called "Sewage People". There's also that one place build by the Snake called "Shaft"."

This game now has Part 5, and it was made by JJTEVES__CRT.

Made by: @JJTEVES__CRT
Credit to: @Per

Published: 21-07-2023Updated: 25-07-2023


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