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The All In One.

The All In One.


this took me 4 days to make, not much in my opinion. But eh, 4 days might be a lot for you, the first day I drew the landscape on a piece of paper, 2nd day I just built it roughly, 3rd day I made the top part and the decor's, and the last, 4rth day, I fixed the bugs and glitched and added some simple decors.

I hope you enjoy it,
and yes shoutout's of the day are finally coming out again
todays shoutout goes tooo...

@Ryo_san !!!!
go friend and follow these amazing people, they deserve it all.

thats all for today, see you guys in the next game, goodbye!! :D

Published: 08-07-2023Updated: 02-10-2023


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