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The CD Mall

The CD Mall


Update 1.1 Four Things Added In Mall 1. Clothing Store 2.Art Museum 3. Plant Store 4. Peppino's Pizza @HiberOfficial The MALL IS IN BUSINESS! Update 1.2 @SatchMosax Thank You For The Idea I Listened And Putted some Stuff Outside but Theres not Much I Did Put A Water Fountain And A Arcade But Inside The Arcade Its Very dead.... Update 1.3 MAJOR CHANGES Have Arrived Added BANK Elevator Rest Park Deco Inside The Shops And Outside Also Hidden 5 or 6 idk Gems Can You Get Them All? Update 1.4 Second Floor Added GAMER SHOP Candy Club Gift Shop Owned By Benny The Snowman Quick Shoutouts @per @PaltanPlayz @Athrylith @Legend_King22 @_SNOW_00 @Nols @strxberry Guys PPL Are Copying My Mall Game Like... @PrincessGlaina96 And @PrincessGlaina94 BRUH

Published: 08-06-2023Updated: 12-06-2023


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