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Abominable Sewerscape

Abominable Sewerscape


Taking a stroll, you accidentally tripped and fell down a manhole.

You hit the ground with a thud. As you get up, the revolting smell of drainage water and waste matter fill your nostrils. You scan your surroundings and find a framework of pipes, going all directions. Lo and behold, the sewers.

Navigate this complex conduit by walking on pipes and jumping on various objects people have been throwing down the drain. But don't touch the water! It's rancidly toxic, and reeks of acid. Ew.

Escape the sewers and get back home! By the way, there's a secret room with one gem in this game. Can you find it?

Dying (by sewer water) mechanic could be a bit better with HDK (or by utilizing the poisonous spikes), I'll look more into it in the future!

Published: 04-06-2023Updated: 04-06-2023


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