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Portal Lobby (Look in desc for info) |Updated|

Portal Lobby (Look in desc for info) |Updated|


New updatez: ???
What's new?: pride month ended :(

Chop squad: @Pizza44 @JJTEVES_CRT @KiKi__14 @W3sh @PowerfulSwitch56 @BlueSchGamingz710 @sigmaduo @EliasA7 @SteelAndroid0 and more...

How to your comment pined: You can follow me and say my name 4 times in a sentence. If you don't do that and just say My name 4 times and one go and you follow me, you won't be able to be pined, and if you don't follow me and you just say a nice sentence to me, you still get pined And you can use my real name or my official name Or my Roblox name. Or my Minecraft name

Stay tuned: for more portalz and more. Stuff every Hiberworld update.

Please feature this 😀

Published: 30-05-2023Updated: 08-06-2024


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