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Space Odyssey

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In the year 3061 YOU are a astronaut fixing ships making friends yada yada... THEN ZAP POW BRRRRRRRING THE ALIENS also known AS THE GLURPINGS ATTACK YOUR SHIP WILL YOU ESCAPE? FIND OUT NOW!!! I SPENDEND FOUR HOURS DOING THIS it aint much but im proud of it Quick Official ShoutOuts go check these guys out! @HiberOfficial@Designerr@Satchmosax@per@OmgNice@SirBloom@nols@GenjiGamerplz feature

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11 Comments (so far)
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Really fun! I love all the different obstacles and aliens 👽👽👽

Amazing Game!! I love it! :))

How you make everything so big?

if you are on computer, hold B and scroll

But I’m on a ipad

I love it I rate ♾️/♾️

yoo el goblino

Yea I love le goblino

Omg this is so fun!!! Thank u for posting this!

Good Job!

Love it!