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Bots in disguise-hide 'n seek

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The alien robots in disguise with vehicular alt modes have split into two factions: one wants to destroy our planet and one wants to save it. The leader of the good faction is facing off against the leader of the evil faction and you are a part of the military squad who have the all-spark with them. Hide as smaller bots hunt for you or join hands with the evil faction and hunt for your squad.

Fun hangout with tons of hiding places so keep looking ;)

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15 Comments (so far)

Love it gona rate how I rate all games ♾️/♾️


10000000000000000000000000/10... Loved it! Keep it up! 👍✨

This is fun

Screw alien robots, where are the battle tanks? I already brought my M1A2 Abrams battle tank with me, so might as well just make it better.

You know what? You're onto something, might create a warzone themed world next + since this world is inspired from Michael Bay's transformers, a tank one doe...

Oh and also, this world was made as an indirect tribute to the upcoming movie thats why its alien robot themed

Wow looks amazing i really love it i'll rate it 1,000/10 👏😆

OMG tysm for featuring it <3


it up 🌠

Yes you are right 👍👍👍

Awesome game :D


nice game it seems like the robots are envading hahaXD love it

Thanks a lot bruv. Well, your creatively made anime based characters inspired and motivated me to try make some movie based characters. This world is inspire...