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Afternoon at Tiffany's

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Welcome to Tiffany's. A cozy little place to chill at. Serves food. Make yourself at home.

The name of this game is a throwback to a specific background in old Hiber!

I actually like the way I designed Tiffany's. It's sort of a mix between a coffee shop (ext) and a diner (int). The retro music theme really fits the latter, so a diner it is (Tiffany's Diner!☕).

I loved this world so much that I made it my homeworld (bye chungus😟). I'll be updating this during events and stuff, so stay tuned! You might see me in this world often, as the aesthetic & the overall world really helps me brainstorm projects. If you join and I'm there, say hi!

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14 Comments (so far)
Athrylith Creator

wow... this got popular for RP :)) so here's some shoutouts

Athrylith Creator

these ppl are hosting a party (right now i think) cool

Thaw game is good but can u make a bigger one of Tiffany’s

We can’t roleplay without battle tanks, so add one just for me. If you can’t add a battle tank, shame on you.

Athrylith Creator

SHAME ON ME 🗣🗣🔥🔥💯💯

Nice cafe!

i LOVE this game! it's great for roleplays

*Wish there was more room to explore*

yeah, honestly, the game is really nice, but maybe there should be like a pantry connected to the kitchen that way people roleplaying cooks or cashiers can s...

This is quite cool. I also know which background.

I Work here you don’t.🤣hhhhhhhhhh!