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The CatStyle Treasure Hunt

The CatStyle Treasure Hunt


Hello Friends I am back with a new game after a long time!
In this game you have to find all the keys in the forest and then complete the maze to get the hidden treasure!
How to find the keys?
You will find 5 keys in the 1st part of the forest.
2 keys from the lava part
4 keys from from the 2nd part of the forest (2 from the village)
2 keys from the slide
4 keys from the last part of the forest

How to complete the maze?
Just follow the Standing torchlights on the walls, it will lead you to the treasure room.

[There are 2 hidden gems in some secret places find them if you can]

Also thanks to my friend 🎉 @Human89 🎉 who helped me a lot in making this game.

Shoutouts to my friends :-

Published: 29-04-2023Updated: 03-05-2023


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