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The Great Europa Escape

The Great Europa Escape


Galaxy Getaway - Part I

Europa orbits Jupiter. It's a moon where water is everywhere (not scientifically accurate); an endless ocean bursting with undiscovered life. Humans managed to find a solitary isle floating on the surface.

You've been sent here 7 years ago. The government promised you can return to Earth, but... Well, you decide to take matters into your own hands, find the lunar module you crashed, and use it to get back to Earth. You'll need to find 7 keys in order to operate it. Godspeed, Private.

Game environment inspired by Miller's Planet. Sorry if it's a bit difficult. The way to the module starts on the dock (3rd boat from the left). All keys are on the island.

it's 2am in the morning.. i'll sleep now

Published: 13-04-2023Updated: 14-10-2023


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