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Chilly Chills Mountain

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Explore the Chilly Chills Mountains where there are many routes to choose from! Make the shortest route to be your detour.

This is my second creation in the new hiber, and I have to say, I'm getting better at it.

There have been some mistakes in this game since I got lazy with it, but I don't think that will decrease the enjoyable experience.

anyways hi ok bye, andd pls give haert or like if epicc *sunglass emoji*

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26 Comments (so far)

A legend is back, I see

I was waiting for someone to say that, should i get back to speed running also?

Ah!, yes You come back to your speedrunning. :)
new platformers has changed a lot.. the old platformer is still gold.
Hope So u Know Me or forgot.....

And it is not you

what? its not me? about what?

Wow. I mean I knew it be great. But this is even better! Keep it up.

Yo elitedanger my real Acc name is “Devinisawesome”I got u as a friend on that Acc so I was wondering if u can add me on my alt account which is this Acc and...

Nice! 👍

Hi [Elite]Danger I want to say something for you,
an amazing builder who keeps working hard and trying to make us feel welcome,
games are the most ...

Really. Cool, good job

U stole my record time to get it back

Yes! The god at creating hiberworld games is BACK!

You still play?

i came back, also i see you're still alive, did u become inactive now?

Loooooove this🥰🥰🥰😃😄😆