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2023 Hiberworld Speedrunning Championship

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Let's see who are the best speedrunners in Hiberworld in 2023 !

Could you please feature this so everyone knows about this Championship.

If it is I will build a speedrun map every month .


I don't expect this to be featured but if it is I will be extremely grateful !

Shoutouts to :



I also might recreate my old 'Huge Rainbow Obby ' and make a new one .

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8 Comments (so far)

Good game I loved that thanks for makeing it.

good game thx for the shoutout


:) challenge accepted (well in about 30 mins still at school :/ )

What if I will be top 1 in mobile leaderboard

Ninja27 Creator

Nice one !

Ninja27 Creator

If you are number one for mobile your will so far be the best speedrunner on mobile

Nice game !