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My 16th birthday

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I wish all the forest are still full that we found some mysterious and magnificent species I really dislike smoking and alchohol it was affecting our humanity

Climate change the glacier is melting cause of pollution sea rising levels the countries might not exist in our worldwide

G0d is counting on us to be respect to environment agriculture was the thing keeping it grow to fed us

in natural disasters are dangerous and destroying on our country

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este juego es bueno

guess who is back

@HiberDino you have some fr crazy simp running after you


Uh-huh 🥶

mr.Dino uhhhh when are u gonna make like a… another game? cuz I really like urs like a normal game not new experience game.
if this makes u feel bad IM ...

@Hiberdino cuz I really don’t like playing new experience gameS….
is @lotsofkittens

HiberDino Creator

next game but old hiber still in progress :/

i want to eat u

wth XD

thats why im better than all of you

Dang bro, you passed me in follows 😂 Ill make a comeback on June tho

no one asked

No one cares, talk to me when you get your skills up goofy

Happy late birthday!

Tbh your right Mr.Dino these things in our environment can harm animals and plants. People should try to use less paper in order to keep the tress good for o...

If people don’t take care of the environment the population of plants humans and animals WILL die.
best if people try to put trash in trash cans instea...

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Happy birthday!


Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work Dino you did amazing.