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The Jungle but it's Haunted -Part 1 Forest-

The Jungle but it's Haunted -Part 1 Forest-


Oooooo..! A haunted forest btw.. hello ppl I'm back again cuz I was actually bored of making games so I made this just for fun just enjoy part 2 and 3 will come on April bcz I'm lazy 😴😪🤤
Shutouts to my besties
1) @Me_Myself_and_I
2) @Thunderbrine_voltX
3) @RemarkableSecret23
4) @boster800
5) @hacker_king
6) @Dunna
7) @_X_SNOW_00
8) @_X_MAGIC_00
9) @FavoriteOcean55

feature if you like :-


All the hiber moderators please have a look at my games 😬 especially @Satchmosaxsir @SirBloomsir

More shout-outs in the comment section stay tuned! ✌️✌️

Published: 20-03-2023Updated: 20-03-2023


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