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Interactive Assets Showcase World

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New Interactive Assets released:

- Button
- Proximity Sensor
- Forcefield Door
- Forcefield Bridge
- Dynamite

Use the connector tool (press X on PC) to start connecting Buttons and Proximity Sensors to the new assets.

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25 Comments (so far)

I like it but how can I Press that button in Momo the pink circle when I step on it it opens but nobody is helping me I need someone oppu Picture

this is a test

How can I use the buttons in mobile, it gets difficult to look at it such that the button is in the circle shown.


@ahfodder bro me ash
kyu todte h0 bhai 9 se 10 kar dia 💀

I like it but add height damage PLEASEEEEE

@MeanKam_ Bro....☠️


@MeanKam_ mujhe bhi pata hai glitch hai😂

What about mobile? I’ve been tripping cause I can’t make a game because I can’t use the connector

Press the plug icon then press the soft square then connect the other Interactive asset


Wow! How much have I missed lol.