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The Hindu Temple

The Hindu Temple


नमः शिवाय नमः शिवाय।
Friends! Explore a Hindu lifestyle. According to the Hindu religion, there are three supreme gods, Lord Bishnu (preserver), Lord Shiva (destroyer) and Lord Brahma (creator). Yet all Hindu gods are equal. As I had the idea of making a shiva temple to respect my religion (Hinduism), I made it. To enter, one has to take a bath in the sacred lake. It has greenery, also has larger leaves called; Bela patra and the sacred basil (purple) below the medium-sized tree.. You offer them to worship Him. You will feel refreshed after worshiping him. But we must also respect our religion, which determines the best way of life in the world. Come on, everyone, Har Har Mahadev!

Published: 28-02-2023Updated: 28-02-2023


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