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not so big obby

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try your best

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This game was wonderful but I couldn’t find the other keys 😞😞

I know! It was fun but I only found 85

Yeaa 😭

I like this mazes part

tricky shortcuts

I don’t like this game when want to ninety i couldn’t find the key and this game suck and hard I don’t like it

mina99 Creator

dont play it then ;-; and the keys are hidden ok

Sorry for the rude comments I love it 🥰 it really fun and colourful

mina99 Creator

thank u all (><)

this is great.

mina99 Creator

hint(the keys are hidden so it won't be easy ok thanks)

This was fun but I couln't find the other keys

mina99 Creator

hi guys i tried to make the best as possible this is for you to be happy and to have fun thanks