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The middle east

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The middle east is the arab world in asia, africa and europe?

Something chaotic...
Turkey and syria 2023 earthquake
Israel and palestine conflict and war...

Iran woman burning their hijabs and cutting their hair the mans also

Worse at all t3rror1sm

Free palestine and don't hate jews if they were bad

Stop bullying their religions
Stop the war it gets worse
Be their voice to iranian people

Collect all the keys in monuments in arab countries and find the message in large skyscrapers

I wear a kheffiyeh that's why I made this for arabs not for competition

Yemen is in danger!!! From poverty and war

Special thanks to vulcan for making kurdistan, israel and lebanon symbol flags

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I am Asian and my mom is married to an Arab .
think you demonstrated this beautifully
i was a hiber official i would feature this...

GUYS please feature this game πŸ‘

It's already featured

cool game


this game isπŸ‘Ž just like u

Yemen was the poorest and weakest country in southern middle east with oman their capital was sana'a

was the otttoman empire the dough texture like i...

Qatar the richest and their capital was doha

the smallest country in the middle east their flag has the same as qatar there were friends their capit...

Saudi Arabia the Most develope and largest country in the middle east that has largest producing oil their capital was riyadh

a country that jesus wa...

@AstroGam3r do you remember me from that rp game we played πŸ₯ΉπŸ₯²

Kurdistan a country? Maybe in the future I can't create kurdistan's monument right now.