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Long Winter Obby

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Hello Hiberians and Welcome Back To A Brand-New Obby!
πŸŽ„ 🎁Also Shoutouts For Today Go To: πŸŽ„πŸŽ
⚑🐁 @Mrrratakamouse🐁⚑
⚑🌠 @__xD__🌠⚑
🌟 @Maxelvis🌟
🐱 🐈 @Lotsofkittens🐈 🐱
And 🌌 @IN_JAIL_out_soon🌌
Thx to these people for supporting the acc! And will try give new people or friends a shoutout in the next game! ✌

*And this game is edited :) From some obby sections.

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41 Comments (so far)

there 1 jump on the rocks that are snowy that you can't get across its too far away

Cloe2377 Creator

Oh yeah.. Thanks 4 the problem!!

like it love it

Cloe2377 Creator

Thank you!! Yessgirl!!!

they shall featrue this its too good.

Cloe2377 Creator

Well idk you know how hiber employees r. They prefer the "detailed" kind games.

hhiber employees featru3d my gaje


Cloe2377 Creator

Thanks :)

very cool game i will rate it 1000000000000000000/101

Cloe2377 Creator

Nice and Thank you!!!! :)

Thank you for the shoutout! Awesome winter obby!!!!

Cloe2377 Creator

Yw :) And Thank you!

Thank you for the shoutout !!

Cloe2377 Creator

You're welcome sir :)

THX FOR SHOUTOUITTT im sooo sorry i never got the notification thank you so much :)))

Cloe2377 Creator

Yw :) Its okay πŸ˜‡

Nice game btw

Cloe2377 Creator

Thank you :)

is sooooo goooooooood

Cloe2377 Creator

Thank you!!! :)