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Neon City HC22

Neon City HC22


Hi, this is the first time I actually decided I would start (trying) to get my game featured for every event! I hope you enjoy this game.
Thank you for featuring my game! It really means a lot to me.
Thank you all so much for over 200 plays! I will add an easter egg in my next server I create! (Scroll down to find out how to reach the goal; it may seem like cheating to read the comment I posted about how to reach the goal, but it's really not; getting to the goal is really about parkour technique and skill! ;) )

The next update is at 20 likes!
Latest Updates: eerie glow at spawn, collectibles, party theme at goal, more checkpoints, cyberplants

Published: 09-11-2022Updated: 23-11-2022


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