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Cool Parkour Game 2 -1.2.0-

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Version 1.2.0

here is a sequel to my popular game:
Cool Parkour Game

20 Follower Special!

Go through many different obstacles and collect keys to get to the Goal!

Sorry, I quit hiber so this game won't get updated...


Thank you for the support, everyone!

>Patch Notes<
-extended first half/spawn

-changed the map a bit

-new indicators

(click on cool22 for the whole Cool Parkour Game series!)

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46 Comments (so far)
Employee badgeThis user is an employee of Hiber

Really cool game! Love the design and gameplay. There were two parts that might have been a bit too hard. The spikes that move up and down and the platform t...

Thanks! ill redo those 2 now and make them easier.

I'm making the 3rd one of these... just saying :)...

Employee badgeThis user is an employee of Hiber

I can't wait for the changes! I will replay it once it is done! And thank you so much! :D

i lou

That’s not hard

Oh yeah I just got a Floppa!

Really cool game nice

good game 7/10

Amazing game!!!
my new obby

sure! and thanks.

I love this game... I forgot the key by the cages so I had to go back😅

lol and thanks!

This game is really cool! I like it a lot Floppa!

it is now Kevin but thanks!

*Thank you guys for 8000 plays!*