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Take a walk in the dark WP22

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It’s time to walk out a bit shall we?

Well it’s time to shine the trees to bright!

Bc it’s time to light up the walks!

With the brown paths and the plants!

And the dark black sky with a moon!

With a beautiful weather to smell!

It makes me wanna walk a mile!

I hope this gets featured!

Go to YouTube channel as well!
Type in YouTube “IzzyXD”, click the one with the happy face and with a purple hair with pink tint!


Click this link down below 👇



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10 Comments (so far)

Yo it’s weird how u said *Tysm for following me* in ur description , but I never followed u in my life so uhh u should probably fix that 2nd I’m not the only...

It’s a cool game to do👍😃

je suis impressionné

Have you guys checked her YouTube Channel? Or you didn’t read the description did you?

say what rn

I like ur game @IzzyXD I'm so impressed for you. have a nice day 🌈 😊 💖

It’s very peaceful and calming I really enjoyed it. :)

Very cool game!

Great game like always👍