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The Hiberworld Ojing-eo game Experience

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Inspired by the Korean Netflix series "Squid Game"
Thanks @Adhichill_Officialfor the squid avatar.
Hope you love this experience. Leave a like and comment below

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68 Comments (so far)

Thanks Again Und Dipaammeeeerrrr

Hi my name is yovani

Heya Yovani


Hey dude why did adhichill delete his accounts?

I asked him, He said he wanna study

@Entertainer dude what the hell why delete account then lol.

hey @Entertainer join me if you want

Sorry I didn't see this message/

I Sacrificed !

Sacrificed what?

Have u watched squid game... #2 sacrifices so that #1 wins


Iā€™m sorry how did you get that hiber avatar on yer profile?

That's an avatar from Into the unknown


This game is great šŸ‘ šŸ˜³šŸ˜³šŸ‘šŸ‘

Tank u

@Entertainer Important: if your games futured do not play his game, follow him and pin comment CoolCartoon46. Because he spamming in another games. he want ...

Okie. I get your point. I don't wanna unpin now. I won't do it again šŸ‘šŸ½

good :)

Wait a squid skin?Are you Fr???Can you actually get it or is it just like an idea?

It's Just an Idea

Oh TvT I thought it was an actual avatar ;_;