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Neon Hobby Fun Run🏃🏃

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Hey guys Ive come up with a new game hope you guys enjoy this.
First of all thanks to @Venom_bhaiyafor giving me Ideas in this game.
shootouts to :

special shootouts to
Thats all hope you guys enjoy the game have a nice day. 😀😀😀😀😉

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44 Comments (so far)


Alexx Creator


Alexx Creator

@Expertcreater This was fun thanks you🥰🥰🥰

Alexx Creator

Thank you :D

you join a game i will join you

@beautifulknk but create private room

create private room

hahahahaha, U thought me a noob? I m MAAT the Pro Hacker....Hahahahaha. I knew everything because The_OP made a private room but I joined it....hahahahaha

I wouldn't....hahahahahahah

Bro, Don't be angry its me only- Steveeee. Hehehehe, Sorry I was doing a prank on you....xD

Bro Join me. The pass is incorrect.

Alexx Creator

what. ok i will join

cool game

Alexx Creator

Thank you

How to create a neon obby pls say @Expertcreater

Alexx Creator

take a block. double click on it take inspector mode. click material and you can see a option named colour strenght make it full . and your neon block is rea...

@Expertcreater can you join me ?