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Nino's Dojo Adventure ✨

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Join nino's team on a Ninja adventure! Maybe you'll make some new friends on the way!

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Dabz Creator

Best comment get's pinned 😁

@Dabmaster574 What and how 🤔🤨 and nice game bro i love it it is awesome 😍😘😗

@Dabmaster574 btw which comment is to get pinned?

@Dabmaster574 could u plz do some more amazing creation of ur games and also I luv ur game

this is amazing

@Dabmaster574 bro pls accept my friend request.

Haha it's dab! No one can beat this epic player in making such creative and fun games! Who can beat dab? Not me and I hardly think anyone can! This is an tot...

Creative! 😃. I Cant Wait To see Your New Game!😃 Im so Exited!!!

Such brilliant Epic fantastic superb amazing extra-ordinary op game you are the best dabmaster574 you are the best east or west dabmaster 574 is the best .pl...

@Dabmaster574 hey ah can you make more vid so i can know if samething new?

btw nice game

Well i can say it as a Marvelous game guy @Dabmaster574
games like these and wish there were many fireball throwers so it can be hard