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100 followers special rainbow obby

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Welcome to rainbow obby!
Thank you so much for 100 followers!
This is a game with rainbow colors!
Can you beat it fast enough?
For the next followers special, let’s try to get 200 followers! Thanks for everything and I almost forgot! There’s a secret gem that you can get and comment down below if you found the gem and if you got it, you can get a shoutout! You can still go to the goal without getting the gem 💎. Ok I hope you enjoy 😊.

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200 Comments (so far)

awesomeeeeee! plssss pin meh if you want

Ty and good job IzzyXD

This is the best game I love it.My family also plays it

im so sorry for saying that add me as your friend

good job for doing this izzyxd good job yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Awesome game!

how do you beat this under 30 sec


Iike the game

Hi I love the game